Safety at Central Air

It is our commitment to all team members, clients and visitors that we will take every necessary precaution to prevent injuries on Central Air HVAC job-sites. Our team members are trained and empowered to continually scan sites for possible danger and to take swift and effective action to create safe environments and properties in and around our job-sites.

We are devoted to ensuring that our team members are able to work in a manner which protects them from undue hardship or danger. We believe that efficient and productive sites are also safe sites. It is our promise to our stakeholders that we will never sacrifice safety procedures or protocols for the sake of timely production. We recognize that efficient production is co-related to good work practices. In addition to being personally devastating, safety errors also increase project costs. We never sacrifice our team’s wellbeing, our sites or our equipment in order to rush projects to meet unrealistic deadlines.

Our project management team at all levels is committed to present the project completed on the agreed upon timeline, on budget and most importantly, accident free.

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